Tony Francis

Co-Founder & Director

Tony is the money expert who keeps our finances singing, the legal eagle who navigates the tricky terrain of contracts and agreements, and the sales expert who charms deals into existence.

Whether it's bagging new investment opportunities or ensuring every contract is airtight - Tony tackles it all with intellect, integrity, and a dash of humor. He's the unsung hero behind the scenes, and his contributions are the foundation upon which HiveStrats thrives.

Oh and did we mention that Tony also boasts a surprising knack for languages? He can hold his own in basic conversations in several languages, which comes in handy when dealing with international clients or attending industry conferences abroad. This unexpected skill adds another layer to his ability to connect and build rapport with diverse individuals.

P.S Rumor has it he can decipher ancient financial scrolls and predict market trends with the accuracy of a fortune teller. But that might just be one of his many hidden talents…

Ranjith Kumar Reddy K

Tech Head & Full Stack Developer

Ranjith is not just a coder, he's an artist of the technical world who crafts flawless experiences that leave users in awe. Perfection is his middle name (though it might not be on his birth certificate). He obsesses over every line of code, every pixel, ensuring your website or app is functional and incredibly user-friendly.

He is someone who thrives on challenges and delivers results no matter what. He's the silent hero of our agency, and we're lucky to have him on our team!

Oh and did we tell you that Ranjith isn't afraid of a challenge? In fact, he thrives on them. When a seemingly impossible bug arises, he turns into a digital detective, meticulously analyzing the code, following the trail of errors with laser focus. His problem-solving skills are legendary within the team, and his ability to find solutions where others see dead ends is truly remarkable.

P.S Rumor has it he can code in his sleep and debug issues with the power of his mind. But that might just be another one of his many hidden talents...


Shushanth K

Digital marketing manager

Shushanth might seem like a quiet guy at first, but don't let that fool you. Beneath his reserved exterior lies a mind bursting with Marketing knowledge. He's the expert behind the curtain when it comes to boosting our online presence and driving traffic our way.

Shushanth can tackle complex marketing strategies with the focus of a laser and the precision of a surgeon. A true digital marketing manager like Shushanth possesses a well-rounded skillset that goes beyond just ranking on search engines.

Sridhar Reddy K

Social Media Manager

Sridhar isn't just committed to his work - he's practically glued to the social media pulse. When it comes to building our online communities and engaging with our audience, his dedication is unmatchable. Rain or shine, weekday or weekend, Sridhar is always there to create and engage across all platforms seamlessly.

Oh, and did we mention Sridhar's a social media chameleon? He can adapt his strategy to each platform, keeping our social media content fresh and engaging for our target audience.

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